St Gregorys Bedale

The History of Burrill Chapel of Ease

Burrill Chapel Of Ease was built in 1856 under the guidance of George Fowler Jones ( born 25/1/1818 Inverness _ Died Malton 1/3/1905) probably whilst he was working on the restoration of Bedale Parish Church.  The then Rector of Bedale the Rev J.J.T.Monson funded the cost of the building work.
The East windows are said to based on similar designs in York Minster.

A Chapel Of Ease is a church building other than the Parish Church, built within the bounds of a parish for those who cannot readily attend the Parish Church easily, i.e. often near a large manor house for the family and domestic staff on the estate.

Holy Communion is held on the 4th Sunday of each month at 9.00am.

A warm welcome is guaranteed to all those wishing to join us in prayer.

Chris Griffiths  Warden  01677 422632.